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Headed Out Tonight?
Reserve Your Syracuse Taxi

Whether you’re headed to one of Syracuse’s local favorites like Coleman’s, Rosie’s or other bars near downtown for a night out, or you’re headed to Tip Hill or Destiny USA, take the safe and responsible way home by booking a Syracuse taxi with needacab.

Make it easy and avoid the cab grab rush by booking 30 minutes in advance.

An Easy To Use
Syracuse Taxi App

Book your ride home 30 minutes in advance using the needacab app for Apple or Android.

See how far away your ride is as it’s on its way
Get cab fare estimates
Choose your payment method

End Your Good Night Right.
Get Home Safe With needacab

You don’t have to draw straws for who’s DD’ing tonight.

Whether you need a ride there, back or both, and your good night right with needacab and get home safe.


or book by phone (315) 434-9999